Surry Hills Psychologist About

It's ok to be you, in all of your beautiful complexity 

Some background About Alexandra Zorbas-Maiden

I am a registered Psychologist who can provide a range of therapeutic and psychological services, helping adults to address a wide variety of difficulties. I completed my undergraduate degree at UNSW, completed a Masters Degree in Psychology at the City College of New York, and then completed a further post-graduate degree at the College of Professional Psychology (COPP) to obtain full registration with the Board of Psychology in Australia. 
My early career was spent working in non-government and not-for-profit services overseas and in Australia, in the management and development of therapeutic housing and community day programs. During this time I devised and facilitated a wide variety of therapeutic groups to individuals from diverse backgrounds with a range of psychosocial needs. The groups which I facilitated addressed identity development, depression, voice hearing, stress and anxiety management,  creative expression, relationships, self-compassion, communication and social skills.

I have extensive experience working with individuals diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and have facilitated Hearing Voices groups for adults to assist with developing new coping strategies, making sense of one’s experiences, and thus reducing fear associated with voices, visions or other sensory experiences. I also have interest and experience in supporting individuals who are experiencing symptoms associated with trauma related issues, such as ‘dissociation’, emotion regulation issues, and/or personality disturbance as a result of traumatic events and/or disorganised childhood attachments. 

About my Approach

I am genuinely curious about the hopes, dreams and inner workings of anyone that comes to see me. Together, we can navigate where you want your life to go and any obstacles you wish to overcome: identifying your personal values, desires, yearnings, and any emotional conflicts and confusions - acknowledging any patterns in your relationships and behaviour with others, and the influence of social and cultural factors on 'identity' and quality of life. Feeling heard, seen and understood is vitally important, and I regard the development of trust to be essential to working together. 

I believe that there is important meaning underlying an individual’s behaviours and symptoms. I aim to help individuals move towards a better understanding of themselves in order to heal and cope more effectively. This includes an examination of any internal dynamics (our beliefs, feelings, and assumptions) which may create problems in our lives and relationships, and which can function as obstacles to a deeper engagement with ourselves, each other, our environments, and life itself. Bringing these internal conditions more into conscious awareness enables us to align our actions and interactions with others. 

I have an integrative, non-pathologising and person-directed approach to therapy. I have trained in a variety of evidence-based practices and utilise cognitive behavioural techniques and strategies, mindfulness-based approaches, systemic and narrative perspectives, and am also very interested in psychodynamic approaches. A psychodynamic approach aims to develop an understanding of the unconscious processes that direct our behaviour, and particularly influence the way we relate to others.
I try to be flexible and organic in the way that I work, as no one approach or strategy works for everybody or at all times. We can work together in the ways that work best for you. Although I have psychotherapy skills to guide your journey and may have knowledge and experience regarding how to deal with the particular issues you are facing, you are the expert on yourself. I see therapy as a collaborative process, and at its most fundamental as a relationship in which self-awareness can grow and lead to changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and a greater sense of agency and satisfaction in life.